The Limelight

Have you ever come across someone so repulsively vain and egotistical they can twist everything into being about them? The kind of person who sees your posts on social media and texts you, or freaks out at you because they thought it was about them. The person who pretends to hate being the center of attention… BUT always manages to find a way to make himself the most important person in the room.

Yeah… Well that’s The Limelight.



Seven Characteristics of the Modern Man-Child

As I wrote my first horrid dating story I realized most of you probably have a different perception of what a modern man-child is and from my experience with these creatures they come in many different physical forms. Although they look different they all have eerily similar actions. I have dated a broad spectrum of males and they all at some point did a combination of these things:


The Bi-Stander

Ghosted, yet again.

This seems to be a common trait when it comes to dating in this era. It never starts out that way, but seem to follow the same pattern. Text, gain interest, hangout, develop feelings, and then completely disappear with no explanation. I am starting with this story because it’s so fresh, so let me introduce you to the Bi-Stander.