About Me


Oh, a bit about me? My name is Erin DeWitt. I’m a 24-years-old gal, single, and “trying to date.” By “trying to date” I mean, I scour the interwebz trying to find a guy I hate just a little bit less than the rest. All while trying to keep my depression and anxiety from taking over. I sound like a real winner, right? Ha-ha!

Shit, I feel like this is Myspace all over again, AAAND…  I just aged myself. If you remember the dark days of scene queens, follow trains, and, what I consider, the foundation of online dating, then you know currently how much of a complete shit show dating has become.

So, I have decided to start this blog dedicated to the hilariously unfortunate events that occur while trying to date in the era of “the modern man-child” AKA the fuckboy.

I hope you get as much joy out of my misery as I do whist I recall these comically tragic incidents.