noun \ˈman-ˌchī(-ə)ld\
An adult male who still possesses psychological traits of a child.

I can almost guarantee every single one of you has dealt with the awesome experience of dating a man-child. Now, you’re probably wondering why any of this matters, or why I’m doing this… OR if you’re one of the scumbags I’ll be blogging about, you’re probably plotting my death, or preparing to back up your shitty actions. BUT FEAR NOT, you will be kept anonymous so need to get your panties in a wad.

Anyway, back to why I decided to create this “modern dating blog.” Over the course of my 24ish years on this planet I have been dating for about 10 years give or take, and I have been single for about 8 of those 10 years. THAT’S 80% OF MY DATING LIFE. Clearly, it hasn’t been going so well, but it’s given me great content to work with. This blog is clearly biased, it’s my perspective of every encounter, and I am recalling from a period of 10 years so the accuracy might be a little off. Never the less, this blog is me airing out the scum of dating in the 21st century and hoping everyone finds it funny and relatable.

No one is perfect, and I have been a scumbag a fair share of times. The guys these stories will be covering will remain anonymous. They may have been shitty towards me but I am not going to (fully) put them on blast. That’s just bad karma. They will all be given a serial killer identity since they wanted to murder my emotional well-being. HA-HA! SO DON’T WORRY SCUMBAGS, you will remain hidden behind your shitty actions.